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Monday, 13 May 2013

Body Composition: Wee Chang Han, Skinfold measurement

The Skinfold measurement is the most efficient method to measure one's body composition in my opinion as it is quick and easy to do.

Some of the advantages of the Skinfold measurements is that it is widely utilized to assess body composition. It is a lot simpler than hydrostatic weighing and many of the other body composition techniques. After the original outlay for calipers, the daily tests costs are minimal.

Thus, the skin fold method can be used by many clinics and hospitals as it does not cost a fortune and does not require a huge amount of time to be spent on training. It can also measure up to many different parts of the body, unlike other methods which can only measure the entire body at once. This can accurately pinpoint the area that needs fats to be removed.

Due to its reliance of human, human error may be inevitable and present in the recording, which results in a need of an average or another device to confirm the results.

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